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  • Keynote Speaking – Communication skills are an essential part of the success of every business. Let Paul customize the message that will resonate with your group and inspire teamwork.
  • Media Trainer – Knowing your message is not the same as showing your message. Learn the subtle nuances of delivery that raise authenticity and illicit positive responses. Your voice, your appearance, and your presence should all match your brand.
  • Presentation Consultant – Most presentations are heavy on the content but lack a strong sense of direction. Paul will teach you how to “find the gold” by filtering the information through your perspective to bring it into razor-sharp focus.
  • Speaking Coach –  You need eyes and ears on the outside to show you the action steps that will lead to improvement. Stop repeating the same speaking mistakes! Master your nerves and master your consistent delivery. Whether it’s on-site, in the studio, or online, Paul’s customized approach gets results.
  • Speech Writing – Sometimes your ideas need a solid structure to put them on full display. Paul will take the time to fill in the blanks; this serves as the glue that holds everything together.
  • Accent Reduction – Understanding the rhythm of American English is the key to reducing any accent. There are definitely shortcuts and exercises that will guide you to increased confidence in your delivery.
  • Voice Enhancement – Enhancing your voice means getting more of your body involved. When speaking the same old way doesn’t cut it anymore, approaching your speech technique as a full-body expression gives you greater access to your true, natural voice.
  • Voiceovers – Changing rhythm and pitch can alter the entire meaning of a sentence or paragraph. Exploring voiceover techniques with Paul’s guidance is an adventure in creativity and authenticity.


“Paul Geiger is an amazing voice coach. In three short months I have significantly improved my projection and the quality of my voice. Paul has an uncanny ability to pinpoint what you need to improve, why, and how. I used to have a hard time being heard over loud background noise, not anymore! Paul has and continues to push the boundaries of what I am capable of doing with my voice… highly recommend.”
 – Mauricio Arruda, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

“As a business person transitioning into senior leadership positions, I knew that I needed to convey presence and a sense of gravitas in meetings and in presentations. Paul Geiger helped me make quick improvements by pinpointing the root cause of multiple issues such as speaking too quickly and the use of filler words. He worked with me on the fundamentals of correct breathing which had amazing results across multiple facets of my communications. Paul provided effective, specific exercises that enabled me to incorporate the changes, and I was excited to observe how my daily interactions had significantly improved after only a few weeks. Above and beyond voice, breath, pace and eye contact, Paul covered the psychological shift in perspective required to feel and exude a sense of comfort and confidence when communicating one-on-one and to large audiences. Working with Paul has helped me comfortably own my leadership roles.”
 – Hazel Sy, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase

“I sought out Paul Geiger to improve upon my articulation, voice projection and public speaking skills. From our first lesson together, I noticed that Paul had the ability to push me beyond my comfort zone while keeping our lessons light and jovial. Since working with Paul, I have received numerous compliments from people, including job interviewers and former internship supervisors, on my communication and public speaking ability. He has been instrumental in the development of my career path. I highly recommend Paul Geiger to anyone who is interested in improving upon their communication skills.”
– Jared Presner, Financial Analyst, North Shore – LIJ Health System