At the beginning of our shared shut-in status, everything was forgivable. It was a given that none of us were prepared for the sudden shift. But now that things have settled just slightly, one aspect of the new normal is starting to become apparent. Your presentation in a virtual space is your crucial first impression.


5 Public Speaking Tips to Exude Executive Presence (CEO World Magazine)

We all know when we see or hear someone who exudes “executive presence.” It’s not just that they exemplify good grooming or fashion sense, or even that they have highly developed intelligence or street smarts. More than that, their executive presence comes from a sense of confidence and clarity of thought.


Power Strategies For Fighting Imposter Syndrome In Public Speaking

We are all familiar with imposter syndrome — that feeling of exposed inadequacy, although we really do know our stuff. Whether the potential exposure happens in front of one person or many observers, it is a public thing. And the biggest “I don’t know what I’m talking about” moments often happen when we’re public speaking.


Your Best New Customer Strategy For 2020: Learn How They Listen — And Use It

It doesn’t matter who you are as a seller or a buyer. We are all beholden to basic human listening behaviors. No innovation or artificial intelligence breakthrough will allow you to leap over this truth. Your best strategy for 2020 is to recognize these behaviors and leverage them to your advantage.


Surprising Tips For Powerful Public Speaking (Young Upstarts)

Speaking in front of a group in any business setting, whether it’s a formal presentation, a meeting or on a conference call, requires not only that you have a well-prepared message, but that you deliver it clearly. Any number of glitches can sabotage your delivery. It’s critical to recognize and address them before you find yourself in the spotlight.


5 Key Prep Tips For a Winning Presentation (Businessing)

Business presentations carry hidden traps that, with adequate preparation, can be anticipated and overcome. The good news is that, unlike many business situations that demand public speaking, such as interviews, meetings and networking, a formal presentation allows you complete control and plenty of time to prepare. But it also carries the most responsibility and the highest expectations.

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