The Interview Training That Got 74% of My Clients Multiple Offers In Less Than 6 Weeks

by Leveraging Conversation Igniters, Interview Hacks, and Storytelling Magnets

Become A Top Tier Candidate

Meet Samantha 

Background: Samantha was fed up with getting turned down on interview after interview. She realized she needed help. So, she approached the EZ Interview Program to take her to the next level.

EZ Steps: From Day 1, we took the time to:

  • discover the stories that really define Samantha,
  • validate each story for impact,
  • and heighten her trick question radar.

Result: Just three weeks into the program Samantha hit it out of the park on her very next interview! Samantha now has a 2022 summer internship with Goldman Sachs in NYC. 

“Paul taught me that there really is a method. There are ways to tell stories that show confidence, and that you’re a good fit for the role.”

Become A Top Tier Candidate

Meet Daniel

Background: Daniel was an assistant Rabbi at a large synagogue in NYC. He dreamed of growing his career and having a deeper impact on the community. Daniel was struggling to reach the back row and his sermons were falling flat.

EZ Steps: We addressed his physical obstacles first by implementing:
• voice relaxation and projection techniques,
• an increased body language library at 10X,
• and eye contact and movement adjustments to Daniel’s delivery.

Next, we revamped his storytelling structure by using:
• curiosity igniting headlines,
• the top 5 proven storytelling magnets,
• and sticky closing statements.

Result: Daniel began receiving multiple job offers in the U.S. and Canada within two months of starting our training. He decided to stay on at his synagogue after he was offered the Head Rabbi position at the age of 30!

“It’s so rare to find someone who is as committed to your work as you are. The best decision I’ve ever made is working with Paul Geiger.”

Become A Top Tier Candidate

From our training, all graduates are able to:

1 – Use conversation igniters that scream “CONFIDENCE!”
2 – Learn the proven interview hacks that nobody else uses.
3 – Avoid the trick questions that eliminate 98% of all candidates.
4 – Know the secret places to find great jobs (back door vs front door).

Become A Top Tier Candidate

About Paul

Paul Geiger is the founder of Public Speaking Advantage in NYC. His programs and group trainings have helped 3000+ busy professionals promote themselves, their ideas, and their vision.

Paul is the author and creator of Better Business Speech, Public Speaking Complete, 10X Speaking, and The Interview Edge.

Paul has helped individuals get jobs at Google, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, and Nasdaq. The most common training question?

“Why didn’t anyone tell us this sooner?”

That urgent need motivated Paul to develop The Interview Edge Program for students, college grads, and young professionals.


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